How to use this tool

The process of selecting knowledge translation interventions

Selecting KT strategies that are rational, evidence-based and appropriate for the MOVEs project is a rigourous process. According to KT theory and frameworks, the following steps should ideally take place in order to select your strategies:

  • Assessing barriers to implementing a practice in your implementation setting.
  • Selecting strategies that target these barriers, so that a program can be designed to address the right issues.

How this tool will help you select KT programs for the MOVEs project

The STEP tool includes a pre-programmed survey designed to determine your unit’s top barriers to mobilizing patients at multiple levels. It also measures barriers to implementing the MOVE project strategies. The survey is based on work conducted with previous MOVE sites.

To measure the significance of barriers to mobilization on your unit (s), simply deploy a survey to your unit staff – the tool system will collect and analyze results for you, and will suggest strategies that you may select to implement as part of the MOVE program, based on your unit’s results.

How to use the STEP Tool

  1. Create a new survey by selecting “Create new survey” on the Dashboard. This survey asks respondents to rank common barriers to implementation in order of perceived importance to their setting. Note: respondents should include those that will be required to make changes to their behaviour/workflow/processes etc., as a result of implementation.
  2. The only information required to create a survey is the survey name and the contact information for someone on your implementation team (to whom queries about the MOVE project and the survey can be directed). Enter this information in the fields provided.
  3. When your survey is created, you can deploy your survey by email to relevant colleagues/ staff members. Simply copy the link into an email and send it to your relevant participants/contacts.
  4. Manage your survey on the Dashboard. You can activate and deactivate survey, edit the survey title and contact information, view the survey and view survey results on your Dashboard. Note: once you deactivate your survey, anonymous survey responses will be analyzed by the system and available for your use.

In the analyzed results, the top two barriers from each barrier category (provider level, patient level, setting level, and implementation barriers), as ranked by all survey respondents, will automatically be mapped to “domains of change” – the underlying gaps that the barriers are related to. Definitions and constructs of each domain of change is provided in your results output. The STEP Tool will also provide you with a list of potential strategies that you can select for your project based on the survey results.